Modelling Parkinson's and Gaucher disease in human iPSC-derived neurons


Consistent, defined and scalable human iPSC-derived disease models for Parkinson's and Gaucher disease research and drug discovery

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Parkinson’s disease is a progressive neurodegenerative disorder that causes tremors, slow movement, stiffness and neurological decline. Gaucher disease is a lysosomal disorder that shares genetic risk factors with Parkinson’s disease. In both diseases, pathology begins years before clinical symptoms, making it difficult to both study their development and identify effective therapeutics that halt their progression.

There is a pressing need for human in vitro Parkinson’s and Gaucher disease models to identify new therapeutics that could halt or reverse their devastating effects. ioDisease Model Cells™ from provide scientists with defined, consistent, and scalable sources of iPSC-derived human neurons engineered with common monogenic mutations associated with Parkinson’s and Gaucher disease.

Discover ioDisease Model Cells for Parkinson’s and Gaucher disease research below.

Parkinson's disease models in ioGlutamatergic Neurons™ 

ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W/WT™ ioDisease Model Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W/WT™ cat no. io1013
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ioGlutamatergic Neurons PINK1 Q456X/WT™ ioDisease Model Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons PINK1 Q456X/WT™ cat no. io1078 | io1079 | io1080
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ioGlutamatergic Neurons SNCA A53T/A53T™ ioDisease Model Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons SNCA A53T/A53T™ cat no. io1087 | io1088 | io1089
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ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W/R275W™ ioDisease Model Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W/R275W™ cat no. io1020
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ioGlutamatergic Neurons PINK1 Q456X/Q456X™ ioDisease Model Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons PINK1 Q456X/Q456X™ cat no. io1075 | io1076
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Gaucher disease models in ioGlutamatergic Neurons

ioGlutamatergic Neurons GBA null/R159W™ ioDisease Model Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons GBA null/R159W™ cat no. io1007
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Pair ioDisease Model Cells with a genetically matched control

ioGlutamatergic Neurons™ ioWild Type Cells
ioGlutamatergic Neurons™ cat no. io1001
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Generate your own Parkinson's and Gaucher disease-related gene knockouts with ioCRISPR-Ready Cells™ 

Generate any knockout mutation related to Parkinson’s and Gaucher disease with CRISPR-Ready ioCells. These cells have Cas9 constitutively expressed, enabling scientists to easily generate gene knockouts in physiologically relevant cells in a matter of days.

ioGlutamatergic-Neurons-CRISPR-Ready-Hero-Image square

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Partner with us to generate custom ioDisease Model Cells to study Parkinson’s and Gaucher disease

Access our platform to generate custom disease model cells to answer your drug discovery or disease research questions.

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