Every cell type we create can give rise to multiple next generation therapies

Cell therapies that are accessible and affordable

We have the ability to create any human cell type and manufacture it with consistency at scale. This unlocks unparalleled opportunities in cell therapy.

Our pipeline is made up of multiple therapeutic txCells, targeting diseases with significant unmet need where clinical risk has been mitigated by prior clinical studies. Each of our txCells has the potential to give rise to multiple product candidates.

The current pipeline comprises three major therapeutic areas: metabolism and endocrinology, immunology and neurology. To maximise the potential of our portfolio, we are balancing both internal and out-licensed development. 

The possibilities for novel cures are endless.

bit.bio cell therapy pipeline

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Cell type


Potential indication

Development stage

Cell type development

Drug discovery




Metabolism / Endocrinology

Acute liver diseases
Other liver diseases
txPancreatic Islet Cells


txMyeloid Cells
Oncology, neurology
txNK Cells
Oncology, auto-immune
txTreg Cells
BlueRock Therapeutics*


txGABAergic Neurons

Additional undisclosed txCells available and in cell type development at bit.bio

*BlueRock Therapeutics is wholly owned independently operated subsidiary of Bayer AG

Solving the 'cell' problem with our cell coding platform

The biggest hurdle in cell therapy today is access to consistent batches of human cell types at scale. Therapeutic development needs trillions of cells at an affordable cost in order to generate medicines that are accessible to millions of patients. bit.bio’s cell coding platform is able to provide a source of defined human cell types that are inherently consistent and scalable. We believe that our approach also has the potential to reduce the cost of cell therapies by up to two orders of magnitude.  


Partner with us to develop human cells for your cell therapeutics

Therapeutic development and manufacture needs to scale to trillions of cells to generate enough doses of a therapy that can be deployed to millions of patients.

Our platform provides partners with the ability to create new, inherently consistent and scalable cell types to form the basis of a cell therapy. By solving the cell problem, our partners are enabled to shift focus from “How are we going to make enough cells to treat one patient?” to "How can we ensure our therapeutic can treat every patient?".


Collaboration and option agreement with BlueRock Therapeutics

In August 2023, bit.bio announced a collaboration and option agreement with BlueRock Therapeutics for the discovery and manufacture of iPSC-derived regulatory T cells (Tregs) for use in creating therapeutics.

Tregs play a crucial role in maintaining balance in the body’s immune system and controlling excessive immune reactions so iPSC-derived Treg based therapies have the potential to treat a broad range of autoimmune and inflammatory disorders.

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