Precision reprogrammed human iPSC-derived cells

for research and drug discovery


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ioCells™ are precision reprogrammed human iPSC-derived cells driven with next-generation opti-ox™ technology that offers speed, reliability and consistency at scale for research and drug discovery.

opti-ox, a next-generation reprogramming technology, resolves the inconsistency and inefficiencies of current cell generation methods to enable the precise, consistent and scalable production of human cells.

The power of ioCells is driven by the unique combination of transcription factors (code) programmed into every cell and switched on by opti-ox.


With the code precisely switched on in every cell entire cultures of human stem cells are quickly reprogrammed to a new cell identity. As a result we achieve functional, consistent cells at scale in rapid time with simple protocols.

With programmed identity in every cell, ioCells empower you to fast-forward your discoveries.

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Cryopreserved, ready-to-use human iPSC-derived cells ranging from muscle cells to central nervous system cells and associated isogenic disease models.


ioWild Type Cells

ioWild Type Cells are human iPSC-derived cells, powered by opti-ox. On delivery, the cells mature rapidly and are ready-to-use within days of culture. Accelerate disease modelling and high throughput screening while also reducing costs with our range of human iPSC-derived cells. Our portfolio of cells are highly characterised and consistent at scale with batch-to-batch reproducibility, making them ideally suited to high throughput screening applications.

ioWild Type Cells have been assessed for use in various assays and applications including 3D bioprinting, co-culture studies, phenotypic screening, electrophysiological applications and contractility assays.

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ioDisease Model

A range of precision reprogrammed human iPSC-derived cells with disease-relevant mutations for studying disease-driving mechanisms in CNS and muscle disorders. Disease-relevant mutations have been engineered into opti-ox reprogrammed wild type ioCells. The isogenic pairing offers an efficient and robust system to study neurodegeneration and muscular dystrophy in basic research and drug discovery and workflows.

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lateral sclerosis



muscular dystrophy

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Modelling human neurodegenerative diseases in research & drug discovery


Dr. Mariangela Iovino | Group Leader | CRL
Dr. Tony Oosterveen | Senior Scientist |
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Dr Will Bernard | Director of Cell Type Development