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Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof and bit.bio CEO Mark Kotter to lead fireside chat on programming human cells at SynBioBeta

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Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof and bit.bio CEO Mark Kotter to lead fireside chat on programming human cells at SynBioBeta


  • Südhof and Kotter's fireside chat titled "Programming Human Cells: The Next Frontier of SynBio for Human Health" will explore some of the most profound questions in biology, including what determines a cell's identity, and how can it be changed?
  • bit.bio will also participate in two additional Main Stage panels at SynBioBeta, exploring the importance of pooled and arrayed CRISPR screens in drug discovery as well as delving into programmable gene and cell therapies.
  • bit.bio plans to host a VIP reception on May 8th, providing a unique networking opportunity for attendees to engage with leaders in the synthetic biology community.
  • Conference attendees are encouraged to visit bit.bio's booth #301 in the Main Exhibit Hall to discover cutting-edge advancements in cell coding technology and its implications for the future of research and healthcare.

CAMBRIDGE UK, 12:00, 29 April 2024 - bit.bio, the company coding human cells for novel cures, and a pioneer in the field of synthetic biology, today announces it will participate in an engaging fireside chat at SynBioBeta 2024 featuring Nobel Laureate Thomas Südhof and bit.bio Founder Mark Kotter. Dr. Südhof, a world-renowned molecular and cellular neuroscientist and professor at Stanford University, will be joined by Dr. Kotter, a stem cell biologist, neurosurgeon at the University of Cambridge, and CEO of bit.bio, to discuss "Programming Human Cells: The Next Frontier of SynBio for Human Health." The fireside chat will explore how the new paradigm of cell programming, combined with our ability to read, write and execute genetic code, opens unprecedented opportunities for improving human health. The discussion will be held during the closing plenary session at SynBioBeta on Thursday, May 9th, from 4-6 pm PT at the San Jose Convention Center in California. 

"Reducing cell identity to a core set of transcription factors helps to address the challenges associated with the differentiation of pluripotent human stem cells and potentially allows precise definition of cell identity and function. I’m encouraged to see companies such as bit.bio developing this paradigm for the benefit of patients worldwide and I look forward to discussing the vast possibilities that the future holds with Dr. Kotter.” 





    Dr. Thomas Südhof   
    Director of Stanford University School of Medicine's Centre for Molecular Neuroscience
    in Health and Disease



“Dr. Südhof’s groundbreaking work on cell programming represents a paradigm shift in biology. The new paradigm in stem cell biology enabled bit.bio to build a platform capable of recreating any human cell type and to manufacture cell products with consistency and at scale. These advancements have created the ability to democratise access to cell therapies."


Dr Mark Kotter round



    Mark Kotter
    bit.bio Founder and CEO





“The fireside chat between Thomas Südhof and Mark Kotter exemplifies the meeting of inquisitive minds and revolutionary ideas in the field of synthetic biology. We're starting to see the vision of synthetic biology become a reality and companies like bit.bio are demonstrating that it's now possible to program and reprogram human cells and transform biology from a scientific endeavour into an engineering one, with tremendous opportunities for improving human health."


resized John



    John Cumbers   
    Founder and CEO of SynBioBeta




bit.bio at SynBioBeta 2024

bit.bio is set to take centre stage at SynBioBeta, participating in several key events during the conference that brings together the brightest minds in engineering biology. In addition to the highly-anticipated fireside chat featuring Südhof and Kotter, bit.bio will host a VIP reception on May 8th from 7 pm PT. This reception will provide a unique opportunity for conference attendees to network and engage with leaders in the synthetic biology community.

bit.bio will also participate in two other Main Stage panel discussions:

  • Functional Genomics for Target Identification: Successes, Challenges and New Opportunities; May 9th 2.45-3.30 pm PT.

  • Gene Meets Cell: The SynBio Evolution in Targeted Therapeutics; May 9th 4.45-5.15 pm PT. 

SynBioBeta attendees can visit bit.bio at booth #301 in the Main Exhibit Hall, where they can discover groundbreaking advancements in cell coding. opti-ox™, bit.bio’s deterministic cell programming and manufacturing technology, has the potential to revolutionise the manufacturing of human cells, enabling consistent and scalable production for research, drug discovery, and cell therapy.

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