CRISPR-Ready ioCells

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Human iPSC-derived cells engineered to constitutively express Cas9 nuclease

Built for the quick and easy generation of gene knockouts and CRISPR screens in physiologically relevant human cells

Simplify gene knockout experiments in human iPSC-derived cells. 

opti-ox powered CRISPR-Ready ioCells are powerful first-of-their-kind functional genomics tools for studying your genes of interest in a physiologically relevant model. With these cells, you are empowered to generate high-efficiency gene knockouts in defined, consistent, characterised, and functional human cells within days, even if it's your first time using CRISPR or iPSC-derived cells. 

Our optimised cell culturing and guide delivery protocols bring simplicity to complexity for the entire gene knockout process. For the first time, functional genomics experiments in human iPSC-derived cells can be as easy and routine as similar experiments in immortalised cell lines.

ioCells are for research use only.

How CRISPR-Ready ioCells will transform your functional genomics workflows

A graphic showing that CRISPR-ready ioCells can be used for routine gene knockouts in human iSPC-derived cells

Go beyond immortalised cells for gene knockouts and CRISPR screens

Routinely generate high-efficiency knockouts in defined, consistent and functional human cells that can scale to CRISPR screening workflows.

A graphic showing that CRISPR-Ready ioCells make CRISPR gene knockouts and CRISPR screens easy

Everything is already optimised for you

Our optimised cell culture and guide delivery protocols mean you only need to refine your guide RNA designs to generate high efficiency gene knockouts.

A graphic showing that CRISPR-Ready ioCells are quick to use. Users can generate gene knockouts without having to generate their own Cas9 iPSC cell lines within days

Generate high-efficiency gene knockouts in a matter of days

The cells are delivered cryopreserved, ready for guide delivery by transfection or transduction within days post-thaw.

See how CRISPR-Ready ioCells can be used to rapidly generate gene knockouts and CRISPR screens

First presented at the 6th Annual Neuroimmunology Drug Development Summit 2024, this poster demonstrates how high-efficiency gene knockouts can be achieved in CRISPR-Ready ioMicroglia using both lentiviral and lipid-based gRNA delivery methods. It also showcases a CRISPR knockout screen in CRISPR-Ready ioMicroglia that identified 17 genes responsible for modulating LPS-induced innate immune responses.

A preview of a scientific poster showcasing CRISPR-ready cells. This poster shows an iPSC derived cell made to help scientist achieve for CRISPR gene knockouts and CRISPR screens helping users with target identification drug discovery workflows


A preview of a webinar from CRISPR experts where they discuss the use of iPSC-derived cells for CRISPR gene knockout and CRISPR screens. They perform genome wide gene knockouts in iPSCs for target identification and drug discovery


See how opti-ox powered cells empower researchers to push the boundaries of CRISPR screens

Watch this webinar to hear from Emmanouil Metzakopian, PhD, Senior Vice President of Science at, and former UK Dementia Research Group Leader. He discusses his lab's recently published research using opti-ox-powered iPSC-derived cells constitutively expressing Cas9 to generate large-scale CRISPR screens to identify new therapeutic targets for the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases.

Go from cell seeding to gene knockout in days


A diagram showing how quick and easy it is to use CRISPR-Ready ioCells to generate experimental readouts, including cell viability, gene expresion profiling, protein expression, cell morphology, functional assays, phenotypic assays and protein interaction


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CRISPR-Ready ioMicroglia CRISPR-Ready ioCells
CRISPR-Ready ioMicroglia cat no. ioEA1094
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CRISPR-Ready ioGlutamatergic Neurons CRISPR-Ready ioCells
CRISPR-Ready ioGlutamatergic Neurons cat no. io1090S
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Our expert team is on hand to help you ensure success with every experiment

Access support from our expert scientific team at any time. With decades of hands-on CRISPR experience, the team is available to provide advice on your next CRISPR experiment. 

An image depicting one of's technical support scientists who can offer advice on scientists CRISPR gene knockout experiments and CRISPR screens

Custom CRISPR screens and CRISPR-Ready ioCell development

If we don't currently have the cells your target identification and validation workflows need, our team of experts can develop new CRISPR-Ready ioCells in any ioWild Type Cell background. Additionally, if you are looking to outsource the development of high throughput CRISPR screens in CRISPR-Ready ioCells, we can design, build and run these for you.

An image showing a scientist looking at custom developed human iPSC-derived cells under a microscope as part of the process to manufacture iPSC-derived cells

Browse ioCells portfolio

An ICC image showing iPSC-derived skeletal myocytes, an ioWild Type cell developed by A human muscle model for in vitro research into muscle diseases

ioWild Type Cells

ioWild Type Cells are defined, easy-to-use, functional iPSC-derived human cells from a healthy donor background that are ready for fundamental research and drug discovery experimentation within days.

An ICC image depicting iPSC-derived glutamatergic neurons containing a disease inducing mutation

ioDisease Model Cells

ioDisease Model Cells are ioWild Type Cells engineered to contain disease-relevant mutations. ioDisease Model Cells and ioWild Type Cells form an isogenic pair allowing scientists to make true comparisons.

An image of a scientist preparing to work with iPSC-derived cells

Custom Cell Development

We provide our partners with the ability to develop and access any human cell type at scale, removing the experimental burden of cell models that are not translatable, scalable or an accurate representation of disease.

An image of a scientist making media to work with iPSC-derived cells

Custom ioDisease Model Cells

Remove the challenges associated with animal models, patient-derived cells and directed differentiation protocols from your workflows, and start collecting disease-relevant data you can trust in a human context.

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