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opti-ox cell seeks to empower the scientific community by providing partnerships for the development of custom ioCells.

Cutting-edge disease research and drug discovery requires reliable and scalable human cells with precise cell identity and physiologically relevant genetic backgrounds in order to improve translation from early stage experiments into preclinical pipelines.

We provide our partners with the ability to develop and access any human cell type at scale, removing the experimental burden of cell models that are not translatable, scalable or an accurate representation of disease. By leveraging our platform, we can develop human cells with the precise functionality, surface markers, gene expression profile, genetic background and karyotype your experiments require.

Leverage our cell identity coding platform to develop custom cells 

Discovery of cell identity

We integrate machine learning, big data and large scale experimentation to identify the optimal set of transcription factors that drive the reprogramming of human iPSCs into your specific wild type cell background.

Precision reprogramming technology

opti-ox ensures the robust, safe and precise reprogramming of human iPSCs into your desired cell type. The result is a wild type cell background that is built to your specification, that can be manufactured at the scale you require.

World-leading expertise

Our cell identity coding platform is run by leading experts in stem cell reprogramming, manufacturing and clinical translation. Throughout the custom cell production process our experts will bring your project to life, and be on hand to support you with any technical queries.

Precision gene engineering tools

We can introduce disease specific mutations into the wild type cell background, or into your own human iPSC-derived cell line, providing a physiologically relevant disease model that can be paired with a genetically matched wild type.


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