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bit.bio launches new wild type cell product ioMicroglia

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Today bit.bio has launched the first immune cell product in its ioCells™ wild type portfolio: ioMicrogliaTM. The product will enable reliable neuroinflammation research and therapeutics development for neurodegenerative diseases. With the collation of datasets from multiple independent labs bit.bio has closed the ioMicroglia Early Access Program.

These human iPSC-derived ioMicroglia have been independently verified by external experts in academia and industry, including Charles River Laboratories and the Medicines Discovery Catapult as part of our Early Access Program. Our testers have verified that in just 10 days, they can start running consistent, disease-relevant functional assays supporting their drug discovery workflows and disease research.

What does the new data show? 

  • Multiple independent labs have generated cytokine secretion data that shows ioMicroglia exhibit a pro-inflammatory response to LPS, which can be inhibited with dexamethasone, and amyloid beta which is of relevance for Alzheimer's disease research.
  • There is fresh Bulk RNA sequencing data showing highly consistent gene expression between independently manufactured lots, so you can eliminate assay variability.
  • We have more phagocytosis data, demonstrating phagocytosis of amyloid beta-42 particles and E. coli particles, showing consistent disease-relevant functionality across manufactured lots. At ISSCR, additional new data from Early Access Testers is being presented, highlighting the experimental reproducibility of ioMicroglia in phagocytosis assays.

ioMicroglia d6 40min recording colour

ioMicroglia morphology at day 6 post-thaw.

ioMicroglia are precision reprogrammed from human iPSCs using opti-oxTM technology, meaning they are ready for experiments in 10 days and have consistency built-in, always expressing the same key markers regardless of lot or vial. In addition, each lot of ioMicroglia is functional as QC analysis includes phagocytosis and cytokine secretion assays. 

With these key features, ioMicroglia enable scientists to overcome long complex protocols, inconsistent cell populations and lot variability commonly associated with classical directed differentiation methods used to generate iPSC-derived microglia.

Therefore, with ioMicroglia, scientists can accelerate and improve the reliability and reproducibility of their experiments.

We are excited to launch ioMicroglia with brand new phagocytosis, cytokine secretion and bulk RNA sequencing data, marking the close of the Early Access Program! This external data from multiple independent labs, in addition to our internal data, highlights the experimental reproducibility of ioMicroglia in terms of disease-relevant functional assays. New internal bulk RNA sequencing data demonstrates that ioMicroglia show highly consistent gene expression between independently manufactured lots, offering scientists improved experimental reliability.


Malathi Raman for Quote

   Malathi Raman
   Senior Product Manager, bit.bio


This launch expands bit.bio's ioCells portfolio to immune cells and expands its existing portfolio for the central nervous system. Learn more.

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