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bit.bio announced as inaugural partner of Ginkgo's Technology Network

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bit.bio Announced as Inaugural Partner of Ginkgo Bioworks’ new Technology Network 

  • The Ginkgo Technology Network brings together over 25 diverse partners across an array of capabilities including AI, genetic medicines, biologics, and manufacturing.
  • As a Ginkgo Technology Network partner, bit.bio’s ioCells™ portfolio of precision reprogrammed human cells for research and drug discovery will now be available within Ginkgo’s platform ecosystem. 
  • Integration of the ioCells research product portfolio could enable new workflows for Ginkgo’s biopharma clients; by providing physiologically-relevant human cell models at scale, we expect Ginkgo clients will be able to drive insights into disease biology and accelerate preclinical research and drug discovery. 

BOSTON, Massachusetts, 07:05 ET and CAMBRIDGE, UK, 12:05 GMT, February 28, 2024: bit.bio, the company coding human cells for novel cures, and Ginkgo Bioworks (NYSE: DNA), which is building the leading platform for cell programming and biosecurity, today announced bit.bio as an inaugural partner of the Ginkgo Technology Network. The Network, launched today, is a groundbreaking ecosystem of cutting edge technology partners, committed to collaborating with Ginkgo to provide new, integrated capabilities to drive success in customer R&D programs. 

As a Network partner, bit.bio’s ioCells portfolio of human cells for research and drug discovery can be integrated into Ginkgo’s platform ecosystem. bit.bio’s ioCells products are precision reprogrammed from iPSCs using bit.bio’s opti-oxTM technology. They are defined human cells that have inherent experimental scalability, offer unparallelled consistency and are simple to handle and culture. 

"We’re very excited to partner with bit.bio to enable more disease-relevant results for our customers. With bit.bio’s unique ioCells portfolio of human cells, our customers will be able to conduct research and drug development on physiologically-relevant human cell models across our ecosystem. We’re hopeful that use of these robust human cell models may increase the potential for successful translation of our customers' therapeutic candidates from early drug discovery, preclinical research through clinical trials, to ultimately deliver the next generation of lifesaving therapeutics. We’re proud to put the full force of our automated Foundry behind bit.bio’s ioCells product portfolio."


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    Jason Kelly
    Ginkgo Bioworks CEO and co-founder




bit.bio and Ginkgo believe that their products and services complement each other, yielding better R&D results for customers. Ginkgo's customers will be able to benefit from the use of ioCells to conduct research into disease mechanisms and screen for novel therapeutic targets. There are almost 30 products in the ioCells range with many more expected to be launched in 2024 and beyond.

"I am excited to see two leading synthetic biology companies join forces to bring unique technologies to our customers and increase research and development efficiency. Ginkgo has a unique capability within its ecosystem to integrate diverse experimental and computational technologies that deliver on complex customer needs. We are excited to add ioCells to that offering. Our opti-ox programmed human cell products are unrivalled with regard to cell function, scalability and consistency. This enables significantly increased experimental accuracy for our customers - product features which Ginkgo’s clients can now access through our new Technology Network."


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    Mark Kotter
    bit.bio Founder and CEO




Ginkgo is uniquely positioned to act as a “systems integrator” for the biotech ecosystem, offering customers a much more unified experience. As a platform company, Ginkgo makes customer-driven infrastructure investments and is incentivised to make its tools and capabilities available to customers. Ginkgo’s programs require the integration of both existing capabilities and new techniques and approaches. This approach to biology allows customers to access a range of technical approaches rather than feel constrained by the status quo.

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