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cat no io1021 | Human iPSC-derived microglia
cat no io1021 | Human iPSC-derived microglia

ioMicroglia are delivered in a cryopreserved format and are programmed to rapidly mature upon revival in the recommended media. The user manual for the generation of these cells is a simple four-phase process:

Phase 0 - Induction

Carried out at before distribution.

Phase 1 - Stabilisation (24 hours),

ioMicroglia are revived at the user’s laboratory using the recommended medium.

Phase 2 - Maturation (9 days),

ioMicroglia are matured by the user in the recommended medium. Cells are ready to use from day 10.

Phase 3 - Maintenance

Depending on assay requirements, ioMicroglia can be kept over different lengths of time in the maintenance medium.

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