07.07.2023 | Published by DDW journal online

Synthetic biology: impacting drug discovery

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In this Drug Discovery World article, our CEO Mark Kotter talks with editor Reece Armstrong about different approaches to synthetic biology and its applications in programming stem cells into mature, functional human cells for drug discovery and the creation of next generation cell therapies.

Mark defines synthetic biology as “the engineering of biology,” talks about the software paradigm - how cells can be programmed like computers - and how bit.bio’s opti-ox™ technology is able to consistently reprogram stem cells into the same functional human cell every time.

"The reason why cells can be so powerful as therapeutics is because they can do two things: they can replace lost cells, and they can also interact with the environment. So they’re intelligent medicines. This is the promise of cell therapies.”


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      Mark Kotter
      bit.bio founder and CEO


Read the full article. 


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