27.06.2024 | Published by bit.bio

CEO Mark Kotter Shares Insights on ScaleUp Radio Podcast

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Mark Kotter recently joined the ScaleUp Radio podcast with host Kevin Brent. ScaleUp Radio, inspired by the Entrepreneurial ScaleUp System, is designed to smooth the journey of scaling up your business by learning from the experiences of others.

In this engaging episode, Mark Kotter, a neurosurgeon, stem cell biologist, and pioneering entrepreneur, discusses the transformative work at bit.bio, where we are deterministically programming induced pluripotent stem cells into specific human cell types to drive research, drug discovery, and cell therapy development. During the conversation, Mark discusses the cultural shift from academia to business and the vital importance of teamwork, communication, and decision-making. As bit.bio has grown from a small team to over 200 employees, Mark emphasises the need for purposeful hiring and the evolution of organisational structures.

Listen to the episode here.


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