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Leading clinical immunotherapies developer Ramy Ibrahim joins bit.bio as Chief Medical Officer

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Ramy Ibrahim, MD, a recognised leader of clinical development in immunotherapy joins bit.bio from the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy

biotech firm bit.bio today announces the appointment of Dr Ramy Ibrahim, MD, as Chief Medical Officer. The addition of a Chief Medical Officer is in line with the company’s plans and commitment to transition into a clinical company.

Ramy joins from the Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy where he was Chief Medical Officer and will remain on the board. At the Parker Institute, he spent nearly five years building translational, clinical, and regulatory capabilities from the ground up. Ramy has also spent more than a decade working at major pharma companies, advancing the early stages of immuno-oncology therapies. He is a trained medical oncologist, who conducted bench and clinical immunotherapy research at the cancer vaccine branch of the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD.

“Ramy is a key addition to the leadership team of bit.bio as we move bit.bio’s cells into the clinic. He has the perfect skills and experience when it comes to translating novel ideas and cutting edge science into therapies. He is an industry leader who has built teams in non-profit institutions, highly successful startups and large-cap companies. It has been a real pleasure to work with Ramy since 2018. He has already made important contributions to bit.bio’s journey as an advisor. I’m delighted that we now have him on board as CMO. He will be instrumental in this next phase of bit.bio’s growth."



Mark Kotter
Co-founder and CEO


At the heart of bit.bio is a technology, opti-ox™, that was developed in Kotter’s Cambridge research laboratory. It allows for the precise programming and engineering of stem cells to produce consistent, reliable and scalable mature cells of a quality and standard not seen before.

“Cell therapies hold the promise of unprecedented therapeutic efficacy across multiple serious diseases. However, the “cell” piece of the cell therapy has, until now, remained a bottleneck because it’s extremely hard to make cells that are consistent, scalable and precisely what you want. As a technology, opti-ox™ can overcome those problems. But it’s the team at bit.bio that will ensure the technology reaches its full potential and unlocks the promise of stem cells in accelerating biomedical research and new generations of cures. I’m so excited to be joining the team."

Ramy Ibrahim round [2]-3



Ramy Ibrahim
Chief Medical Officer


Read Ramy Ibrahim’s announcement on LinkedIn 

bit.bio already has initial cell model products on the market which are being used by researchers for high throughput screening, drug testing and the study of diseases. The next stage will be applying the technology to create a pipeline of cell therapies and Ramy will be part of the leadership team taking that forward. The moonshot goal is to be able to precisely program stem cells into any cell in the human body.

As well as taking up the role of CMO, Ramy will be building bit.bio’s presence in the US and heading up their US operations as they expand.

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