09.06.2023 | Published by bit.bio

Product launch for our first disease model for studying Parkinson’s

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Today bit.bio has announced that its ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W heterozygous and homozygous products are now available. These are the first commercially available human iPSC-derived disease models for Parkinson’s disease (PD) that carry the PRKN R275W mutation and come with an isogenic control


The PRKN (or PARK2) gene encodes the protein Parkin, which acts as a modulator of various inflammatory pathways and plays a critical role in maintaining mitochondrial health. Mutations in the Parkin gene are associated with the second most common genetic form of Parkinson's disease and are known to cause mitochondrial dysfunction and neuroinflammation.

"There is a global need for robust, in vitro, physiologically-relevant models for Parkinson’s disease. Our new products offer scientists a fast, reproducible and easy-to-use system for investigations into the impact of the Parkin R275W mutation on mitochondrial health and function and to develop phenotypic screening assays."




    Amanda Turner

    bit.bio Senior Product Manager


To find out more about the products, visit our web pages:

ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W/R275W
ioGlutamatergic Neurons PRKN R275W/WT

These products are the first two in a panel of disease models for Parkinson’s disease that will be added to later in 2023.

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