30.08.2023 | Published by Drug Discovery & Development

Navigating the future of cell therapies with exec Kathryn Corzo

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In this Drug Discovery & Development article, our President and COO Kathryn Corzo talks with editor Brian Buntz about strategic alliances, collaborating with BlueRock and Synthego and emphasising bit.bio's culture of diversity.

Kathryn believes in a future where our medicines reach millions, not just a few thousands, of patients and believes what makes the biotech and drug development world so vibrant is its collaborative spirit. Collaborations and partnerships are about leveraging strengths and innovation across new technologies and different platforms to speed development of new therapies.

"When you visit bit.bio, you’ll notice the diversity immediately. I believe that diversity drives innovation. We also embrace diversity of thought and expertise by bringing in perspective from experts in diverse fields such as engineers, gene editors, biologists and bioinformatic specialists.”


Kathryn Corzo


      Kathryn Corzo     
      bit.bio President and COO


Read the full article in Drug Discovery & Development. 


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