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bit.bio to showcase its ioCRISPR-Ready Cells™️ products at SLAS 2024

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  • Poster presentations will include data from two products, highlighting bit.bio’s recently launched CRISPR-Ready ioGlutamatergic NeuronsTM as well as the next product in the range - CRISPR-Ready ioMicrogliaTM.

  • bit.bio will host an expert panel discussion on the important role of functional genomics in early drug discovery, including the urgent need for predictive models in target identification and the challenges faced across different therapeutic areas, as well as the trade-offs involved in using different cell models for CRISPR screening.

  • CRISPR-Ready ioGlutamatergic Neurons shortlisted for the SelectScience “Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product”.

CAMBRIDGE, UK, 08:00, 30 January 2024 - bit.bio, the company coding human cells for novel cures, will showcase recent data and important applications of its new portfolio of ioCRISPR-Ready Cells at the Society for Laboratory Automation and Screening (SLAS) conference. SLAS will take place from 3-7 February 2024 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. 

"With our ioCRISPR-Ready Cells, we're providing scientists with a powerful functional genomics tool to study any gene of interest in a defined human iPSC-derived cell system. Gene knockout experiments such as CRISPR screens that would previously require substantial time and specialised skills can now be undertaken in weeks by scientists with all levels of experience. We are excited to share these data at SLAS and to discuss the tremendous potential that this product range offer."



    Dr Farah Patell-Socha
    VP Research Products, bit.bio




At SLAS, the team will present posters on two ioCRISPR-Ready Cells products, confirming their ease-of-use and that they generate readouts within days using a simple protocol for cell maturation and guide RNA delivery

  • CRISPR-Ready ioGlutamatergic Neurons: a functional genomics tool to easily generate disease-specific models for drug discovery and development. Poster Session C, Tuesday 6 February, 12-1pm. Track: Assay Development and Screening. This product was launched by bit.bio in October 2023
  • CRISPR knockout screening for drug target identification and validation using CRISPR-Ready ioMicroglia. Poster Session D, Tuesday 6 February, 2-3pm. Track: Cellular Technologies. This is the next product in the ioCRISPR-Ready Cells range that will launch in 2024. 

ioCRISPR-Ready Cells are iPSC-derived human cells containing a constitutively-expressed Cas9 nuclease. They arrive ready-to-use and with simple protocols, allowing high gene knockout efficiencies and functional experimental readouts in a physiological relevant cellular model in days, significantly reducing experimental timelines. ioCRISPR-Ready Cells can also be scaled to high-throughput pooled or arrayed CRISPR screens. Potential applications include functional genomics, disease model generation, drug target identification and fundamental human biology research. 

All bit.bio ioCellsTM products, including ioCRISPR-Ready Cells, are precision reprogrammed using bit.bio’s opti-oxTM technology. As such they are defined human cells that have inherent experimental scalability, offer unparallelled consistency and are simple to handle and culture.

At SLAS, bit.bio will host an expert panel discussion on the vital role of functional genomics in early drug discovery. The panel discussion will cover the urgent need for predictive models in target identification, specific challenges across different fields such as oncology and neuroscience, and the trade-offs involved in using different cell models and different techniques for CRISPR screening. 

  • Rob Howes, PhD - Head of Discovery Sciences UK at Charles River Laboratories
  • Davide Gianni, PhD - Senior Director Functional Genomics, Discovery Sciences, BioPharmaceuticals R&D at AstraZeneca
  • Josh Tycko, PhD - Research Fellow in Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School
  • Ann Byrne, PhD - Functional Genomics, Business Development Manager at bit.bio

Date and time: Tuesday 6th February 8:30am - 10:00am ET, room 104B 

CRISPR-Ready ioGlutamatergic NeuronsTM have been shortlisted for the SelectScience “Best New Drug Discovery & Development Product”. The winner will be announced at SLAS. 

The bit.bio stand and members of the team will be at location 881 in the exhibition hall. 

To arrange interviews at SLAS with Farah Patell-Socha, VP research products, bit.bio, please contact:

Chris Hempel

Spark Public Relations






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