14.06.2023 | Published by iNews

iNews feature on consistency data presented at ISSCR by bit.bio

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BOSTON, Thursday 15 June 2023 - bit.bio was the subject of this full page feature in the UK iNews paper and digital editions.

The piece covers the data that bit.bio presented at ISSCR, showing an unparalleled level of consistency with regards to multiple human cell products for research use. Analysis of the samples show fewer than 1% differentially expressed genes in bulk-mRNA sequencing experiments between manufacturing lots. This achievement sets a new standard for the manufacture of human cells.

Read the full piece to find out how this breakthrough will have immediate implications for medical research, allowing scientists to conduct studies on diseases and test potential treatments on a significantly larger scale using billions of identical cells. 

This could lead to more accessible and cost-effective cell therapies and regenerative medicines - all possible with bit.bio's precision cellular reprogramming technology opti-oxTM.

Access the feature.


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