14.03.2024 | Published by European Biotechnology

European Biotechnology feature: Biology as Software

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As part of the latest edition of European Biotechnology, our CEO Mark Kotter shares his vision for the future of healthcare - driven by a fusion of technology with biology.

Mark highlights a critical bottleneck hindering the healthcare revolution: the lack of a consistent and scalable source of functional human cells. Addressing this challenge is crucial for translating scientific breakthroughs into accessible medicines. bit.bio aims to tackle this issue head-on through synthetic biology, deterministically programming cells to manufacture them with consistency at scale. He shares the analogy, that cells are akin to hardware, with DNA acting as the hard drive and gene regulatory networks forming the operating system. By programming these networks, bit.bio is able to create any human cell type, effectively treating biology as software.

The article also covers the promise of cell therapies, where cells themselves become intelligent drugs, precisely tailored to individual patients. This third wave of medicines holds immense potential to treat a wide range of diseases, from cancer to genetic disorders.

Access the article here featured on page 52. 


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