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Dr Mark Kotter speaks about what’s behind the company’s mission of ‘coding cells for health’ – episode 1 of a Pint of Science mini-series

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A special three part Pint of Science mini-series of podcasts in collaboration with bit.bio, the cell-coding company. Listen to the first episode below to learn how and why we are ‘coding cells for health’.

On Wednesday 7 April 2021, bit.bio CEO and founder Dr Mark Kotter was a speaker in the first episode of a mini-series podcast with Pint of Science.

The Pint of Science podcast is a part of the Pint of Science Festival, the world’s largest science communication festival. It gathers thousands of science curious people worldwide to introduce science in a fun, engaging, and usually pint-fuelled way. This year Pint of Science will go online from 17th-20th May in the UK with a great variety of online events.

The series kicks off with Dr Mark Kotter, founder and CEO of bit.bio. He covers the concept of regenerative medicine and in particular how we might use this approach for neurological conditions and spinal cord injuries – he has a personal interest as he’s a neurosurgeon as well as a CEO and founder. He reveals how bit.bio is working to harness the power of stem cells and turn them into medicines by looking at biology in a different way – like a software.

“We were able to create a control system that allows us to jumpstart the programs of the cell very effectively. We call this opti-ox™ – it takes full control of the cells identity and has made the process of cell reprogramming very robust and therefore scalable."




Mark Kotter
bit.bio CEO and founder
Pint of Science 2021


 Download the podcast (mp3)


For this episode and upcoming episodes, visit the Pint of Science website.

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