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Endpoints 20 women biopharma leaders - bit.bio's Kathryn Corzo named

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Endpoints News has published its fifth Women in Biopharma report and bit.bio President and COO Kathryn Corzo has been named as one of the 20 leaders. The Women in Biopharma report recognises 20 exceptional women in biopharma R&D who have dedicated their careers to making change happen, however long it takes.

At the virtual event on Thursday 20 July to celebrate all the winners, Endpoints held a panel discussion covering the progress that's been made and the ways in which women can support each other. The discussion covered the importance of finding a network that fits to support you - and if there isn't one, build one - and how to help other women grow. 

Each winner also gave a short speech which showcased the breadth of what the group have achieved within R&D - launching companies, spearheading scientific breakthroughs and tackling the big problems in cell therapy. Kathryn spoke about her passion for bringing this next generation of medicines to millions of patients through her work at bit.bio. She also gave her advice for the next generation of female leaders. 

"I am delighted and humbled to be nominated for the Endpoints News Women in Biopharma 2023 report. My advice for the next generation of biopharma leaders is to focus on making a difference for patients and seek opportunities that push you to the edge of your comfort zone. Head toward the challenge. Feel uncomfortable. That’s where you’ll learn and grow as a leader.

"At bit.bio every day is a new challenge working on complex scientific and engineering innovation. It’s very rewarding interacting with amazing talent to drive progress toward delivering the next generation of cell therapies with an ambition to treat millions of patients."


Kathryn Corzo


     Kathryn Corzon
     bit.bio President and COO   


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