18.05.2023 | Published by bit.bio

Early access product launch for ioSensory Neurons

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Today bit.bio has announced early access to its latest ioCellsTM product, ioSensory Neurons TM. The early access launch expands bit.bio’s ioCells portfolio to the peripheral nervous system and enables reliable chronic pain research and therapeutics development for peripheral neuropathies. One in four people worldwide suffers from chronic pain due to the growing incidence of diseases such as diabetes and cancer, that result in diabetic neuropathy and chemotherapy-induced neuropathic pain, respectively.

The lack of physiologically relevant in vitro cell models that consistently express proteins that enable pain sensation is a big challenge with commonly used models for pain research. ioSensory Neurons address this challenge as they are precision reprogrammed with opti-ox™ technology, so have consistency built-in, and always express the same key protein and gene markers regardless of lot or vial.

Such consistency, combined with an unprecedented over 99% purity, a validated functional pain receptor phenotype and a simple protocol will help chronic pain researchers to improve the reliability and reproducibility of their experiments.

“With this product, we can offer a new and consistent model for research into causes, mechanisms and ultimately novel treatments for chronic pain. Chronic pain affects many people worldwide and its causes are complex and varied so the demand for new ways to study it is huge. We already have a lot of interest in this product and are excited to see the data that our early access testers produce ahead of our full product launch later in the year.


Malathi Raman for Quote

   Malathi Raman
   Senior Product Manager, bit.bio


Giving scientists early access to ioSensory Neurons allows them to begin validating the cells in their own workflows, while bit.bio continues to build upon the extensive characterisation data gathered for these cells.

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