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bit.bio joins ‘Future Fifty’ as one of UK’s exciting tech companies

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bit.bio selected to join the ‘Future Fifty’ 2024 cohort as one of the UK’s most exciting technology companies


  • Tech Nation’s Future Fifty is the UK’s most prestigious growth programme, designed to support the country’s most promising late-stage technology ventures.
  • Companies selected for the 2024 cohort have collectively raised £1.3bn and employ more than 3,000 people.
  • Selected cohort members are provided with unparalleled access to mentoring and international networking opportunities as part of Tech Nation’s mission to empower entrepreneurs. 

CAMBRIDGE UK, 12:00, 19 March 2024 - bit.bio, the company coding human cells for novel cures, today announces that it has been selected to be part of Tech Nation’s prestigious Future Fifty. Launched in 2013, Future Fifty has worked with over 200 companies and has seen multiple subsequent IPOs as well as numerous M&A and other exits. Notable alumni to the programme include (Transfer)Wise, Zoopla, Darktrace and Revolut.

"Last year was a phenomenal year of growth for bit.bio, and it is a great pleasure to welcome them to Future Fifty. With a unique, proprietary end-to-end platform for the creation of any human cell type with consistency at scale, bit.bio represents the very best of the UK’s next-generation of technology companies and are solving some of the biggest challenges of our time. We are delighted to be supporting such an amazing team."


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    Johnny Mayo
    Tech Nation Future Fifty lead 




bit.bio is a synthetic biology company generating human cells for research, drug discovery and cell therapy. During 2023, bit.bio launched 17 new human iPSC-derived cell products for research and drug discovery in its ioCellsTM  research products portfolio and revealed an ambitious cell therapy pipeline. The company also announced a landmark collaboration with BlueRock Therapeutics (a wholly owned independently operated subsidiary of Bayer AG) to discover and manufacture iPSC-derived regulatory T cells for use in therapeutics. All bit.bio’s products are powered by opti-oxTM, the company’s proprietary cell programming technology, that deterministically drives induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) into mature, functional human cells with unparalleled consistency and at industrial scale.

Being part of Future Fifty offers company executives unparalleled access and exposure to peer to peer networks, business leaders and investors, and the opportunity to connect and share with world class mentors, distinguished coaches and like-minded founders. 

"We are excited to join Future Fifty, Europe’s leading growth programme, as we accelerate bit.bio’s mission to democratise access to human cells and prepare for our transition to public markets. We appreciate the opportunity to become part of Tech Nation’s unique network, benefitting from the learnings of fellow entrepreneurs in artificial intelligence, tech-enabled drug discovery and international commercialisation that will further support us on our growth journey."


Dr Mark Kotter round



    Mark Kotter
    bit.bio Founder and CEO




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