09.05.2024 | Published by Citeline

bit.bio featured in Citeline by David Wild

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David Wild has written an article for Citeline about the ever-evolving landscape of synthetic biology and biopharma’s position on the cusp of a transformative era, which promises more tailored and affordable therapeutics. He features bit.bio among other synbio companies. 

The article covers innovations in DNA synthesis, cell programming, gene editing, and the industry’s paradigm shift towards personalised healthcare. Mark Kotter, founder and CEO of bit.bio, envisions a future where cell therapies are not only broadly accessible but also cost-effective. Leveraging the company’s discovery platform and programming technology, bit.bio aims to produce any human cell type consistently and at scale from human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) facilitating the development of cell therapies at a fraction of current costs. bit.bio’s txCells™ therapeutic pipeline is preclinical-stage and led by the bbHEP01 txHepatocytes programme for acute liver diseases.

Access the full article here.


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