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Key opinions - biotech in 2023: reasons for optimism

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What’s in store for the global biotech industry?

CAMBRIDGE, 16th January 2023 — In a recent feature - What’s in store for the global biotech industry? - leading industry publication LABIOTECH.eu asked key opinion leaders what they think the main themes and trends will be for the biotech industry in 2023.

See what our CEO Mark Kotter said in the reason for optimism section below:

"Whilst the seeds of the synthetic biology for human health revolution have been sown over the past decade, we expect that this year will see independent areas come together for the first time to form a cohesive ecosystem that may underpin a next cycle of significant innovation and progress."



Mark Kotter
bit.bio CEO and founder


Cellular engineering and re-programming – aided by advances in sequencing technologies, machine learning and bioinformatics, together with better gene editing technologies – is leading to a rapid industrialisation of human cell manufacturing. This in turn means that we are beginning to have new models of human cells available to study and treat diseases. Neurodegenerative disease and metabolic disease research and drug discovery will likely be some of the first areas that can benefit from this. Beyond that, precise manufacturing of every human cell at scale has the potential of bringing cell therapy in all of its aspects to the forefront of medicine – and we expect 2023 and the following years to be the time when this promise can become a tangible reality.

Read the full Labiotech.eu article here. 

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