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Reflecting on UKRI’s first five year strategy

Working in a lab
bit.bio CEO Dr Mark Kotter was featured in the BioIndustry Association's Blog, reflecting on UK Research and Innovation's (UKRI) first five-year strategy. The strategy sets out how UKRI will invest in people, places and ideas and break down barriers between disciplines and sectors to tackle current and future challenges.

bit.bio welcomes UKRI’s renewed focus and principles that tune in with bit.bio’s ultimate mission: to provide human cells for research, drug discovery and cell therapy, enabling a new generation of medicines.

The first of these principles is “supporting diversity, of ideas, people, activities, skills, institutions and infrastructures.” As bit.bio embark on a new paradigm in biology, understanding and facilitating movement across these areas will enable us and many other innovative companies to flourish.

UKRI sit in the centre of several different sectors, so it is right they champion diversity and allow the UK as a whole to realise its full potential.

Read the full article here.

“On connectivity, UKRI envisages the removal of barriers between business and academia combined with the bringing together of skills, ideas and knowledge. At bit.bio, we recognise that the best innovation comes from collaboration, such as through our partnership with the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences announced back in 2020. We heralded the fusion of previously separate industries (software and synthetic biology) with an aim to explore the full operating system of life with mathematics, machine learning and large scale experimentation."



Mark Kotter
CEO bit.bio
BIA 2022


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