Panel discussion | Addressing current challenges of in vitro cell models

Dr Davide Danovi, King’s College London and bit.bio
Dr Deepak Srivastava, King’s College London
Dr Ivo Lieberam, King’s College London



In October 2021, an expert panel from across academia and industry convened at an Oxford Global Discovery UK conference to highlight the challenges of current cell culture models, as well as discuss potential solutions and anticipated future trends.

The panel included: Dr Davide Danovi, Senior Lecturer at King’s College London and Director of Cellular Phenotyping at bit.bio; Dr Deepak Srivastava, Reader in Molecular Neuroscience and Group Leader, MRC Centre for Developmental Disorders, King’s College London & Director, Wohl Cellular Imaging Centre; and Dr Ivo Lieberam, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, King’s College London.

Despite cell culture models being used for over 120 years to study human health and disease issues such as accuracy and reproducibility present significant hurdles for in vitro testing. The expert panel focussed their discussion on three main challenges associated with cell models: suitability; scalability; and consistency and reproducibility.

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