Our breakthrough technology combines synthetic and stem cell biology, offering limitless possibilities. Enabling a new generation of cell therapies, providing the best human cells for research and drug discovery, and allowing the control of advanced synthetic biology circuits for biomanufacturing.

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Precise reprogramming of cells

Reprogramming stem cells into functional skeletal muscle using opti-ox™ (9-day time course; final contraction assay by addition of acetylcholine)

opti-ox™ is capable of producing batches of every cell in the human body at scale and gives us the power to precision engineer human cells. This is because it reliably activates specific transcription factors within the cells.

Transcription factors tell a cell what to do because they control the programs (gene regulatory networks) of the cell. Together, these form the operating system of life. opti-ox™ is the ‘enter’ key we can press to run these programs – it is the engineering tool we need to produce consistent cells at scale.

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Programmed identity in every cell

Human iPSC-derived

Human iPSC-derived

Human iPSC-derived

ioCells Consistency

Batch to batch reproducibility for applications including high throughput screening and cell therapy

ioCells High Purity

Unprecedented purity results compared to current technologies

ioCells Scale

Industrial-scale quantities and order-of-magnitude lower costs

ioCells Speed

Production takes days not months results in significant associated benefits

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