SGE | Cell & Gene Therapy

This event brings the UK- and Swiss-based ecosystems together for a joint discussion on current key topics with regards to R&D, business opportunities and future ambitions
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6 June | 2022
Cambridge | UK Panellist

Proventa Drug Discovery | Europe

Join R&D interactive roundtable discussions, exclusive networking & keynote panel debates discussing drug target characterisation, validation, & safety profiling.
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8 June | 2022
Stansted | UK Attending

Oxford Global | Discovery Europe

Join and network with over 400 industry leaders at the renowned Drug Discovery Summit, to discuss advancements in target identification, validation and HIT.
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9 - 10 June | 2022
Berlin | Germany Sponsor

ISSCR 2022

Join the world's leading scientists, clinicians, business leaders and educators of stem cell research and regenerative medicine and celebrate 20 years of ISSCR!
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15-18 June | 2022
San Francisco | USA Sponsor

Creating a Scientific Superpower

This conference will bring together leading scientists, government ministers, scientific enterprises and investors to discuss how the UK can become a scientific superpower.
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20 June | 2022
London | UK Speaker

Life Science Leadership Summit

Connecting core audience of innovative life science SMEs with the information and contacts they need to build successful businesses in the UK and beyond.
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20 - 21 June | 2022
London | UK Speaker

PMWC 2022

Precision Medicine World Conference (PMWC) gathers leaders, global researchers, medical professionals and innovators in healthcare and biotechnology.
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28 - 30 June | 2022
Santa Clara | USA Speaker