16.10.2023 | Published by Wired

bit.bio named as one of the WIRED Trailblazers in Cambridge

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The WIRED Trailblazers are companies selected each year that are stand-out examples of how to grow a business while having a positive impact on the world. This feature looks at the 16 companies selected as Trailblazers from Cambridge in 2023 and talks to a few of them about the enduring success of Cambridge's technology cluster, known as the "Cambridge Phenomenon," which has become Europe's largest technology hub with over 5,000 high-tech firms and a yearly turnover of £21bn. 

Our CEO and founder was interviewed for the piece as bit.bio was selected as one of this year's cohort for Cambridge. Find out what he and some of the other Trailblazers had to say about the Cambridge ecosystem in the full article in Wired

"The University gives you a lot of autonomy. I think that is fantastic, and it’s not necessarily a given. That is something that we need to celebrate; there are a lot of spin-outs happening in Cambridge because of that flexibility and freedom.”


Dr Mark Kotter round  

   Mark Kotter
   bit.bio founder and CEO


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