20.07.2021 | Published by Kurier

When human stem cells take the shortcut

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On Monday 19 July 2021, bit.bio's Founder and CEO Mark Kotter was interviewed for Kurier which is a daily newspaper based in Vienna. The piece covers how bit.bio is reimagining what is possible with the engineering of human stem cells.

Mark Kotter explains that with opti-ox™ technology, billions of human stem cells can be “reprogrammed” directly into any desired cell type within a few days. To do this, the genetic “programs” that define the different cell types must be identified. In contrast to traditional stem cell procedures, this method is about ten times faster. The definition of the cells that can be reached is much more important than the time advantage. The human cells produced by bit.bio benefit the pharmaceutical industry for the development of new drugs and a new generation of cell therapies.

Mark Kotter Founder and CEO bit.bio said:

“You can consistently produce the same cell and the same amount every time.”




Mark Kotter
Founder and CEO bit.bio


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