10.02.2022 | Published by TechRound

bit.bio featured in TechRound list of top University of Cambridge spin outs

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bit.bio featured in TechRound's article about startups that have spun out from the University of Cambridge.

Other companies featured include Sano Genetics, Meshed, Cambridge Future Tech and WOAW. 

Izzy Murphy writes about how these businesses were spun out of Cambridge and evolved into the successful companies they are today.

She covers how the idea for bit.bio’s fundamental technology opti-ox™ spun out of CEO Mark Kotter's labs at the Stem Cell Institute. She also looks beyond Mark’s work as a researcher and how his work as a  practicing neurosurgeon in the NHS has influenced him to develop new treatments including cell based therapies that can reverse damage and even treat certain genetic conditions that have no current treatments.

Access the full article here.

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