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Rahul Singhvi, CEO National Resilience Inc. visits bit.bio labs

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CEO National Resilience Inc. Rahul Singhvi with scientist Marcos Herrera Vaquero, Director of Cell Type Development Will Bernard and co-founder and CCO Florian Schuster, looking at Neurons.

bit.bio recently welcomed the CEO of National Resilience Inc. Rahul Singhvi to our labs and office space in Cambridge UK. Resilience is a key strategic investor in bit.bio and they participated in our recent Series B round.  Resilience are changing the way medicine is made with a network of high-tech, end-to-end manufacturing solutions to serve the diverse needs of the industry. This makes them a natural fit for bit.bio as an investor.

The images below capture Rahul as he toured the facilities and discussed our opti-ox™ technology with some of the science team. He also had discussions on our products and cell therapy plans.

“It’s wonderful seeing first-hand the progress bit.bio is making with their technology combining synthetic and stem cell biology, and we are looking forward to continuing working with them to develop a new generation of cell therapies.”


Rahul round


Rahul Singhvi, CEO
National Resilience Inc.


“It was great to host Rahul at bit.bio. National Resilience is building impressive capabilities in the cell and gene therapy space. There is strong alignment between our companies and we are excited to work together on making cell therapies accessible to patients across the globe.”


Florian Schuster


Florian Schuster

Co-Founder and Chief Corporate Officer bit.bio


will with vial

Will Bernard, bit.bio Director of Cell Type Development displaying vials of our ioCells products.

Arran and Rahul

Arran Constantine, bit.bio Scientist, MSAT talking about Manufacturing Development side of the business and Rahul engaging with questions. 

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