26.09.2022 | Published by bit.bio

Continuing to building a sustainable business

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As part of our work to build a sustainable and purpose driven company, bit.bio signed up to the Green Impact initiative. And last week the team collected their bronze award.

Green Impact is a United Nations award-winning programme designed to support environmentally and socially sustainable practices. Babraham Campus, where our company headquarters are located, initiated a campus wide programme to get companies to participate. 

Our Green Impact team organised very quickly to enable our participation, providing evidence that we had in place measures to meet various office and lab sustainability criteria characterised within the Green Impact toolkit. These criteria are aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a company, we have already aligned ourselves with SDGs as part of being a purpose driven organisation.

The auditors commented on some of the initiatives we have in place that enabled us to gain the award: 

“bit.bio are making clear progress and have sustainability ingrained into the company culture through initiatives like the yearly-round vegetarian kitchen and recycling points for food, non-plastic and general waste for employees to help bit.bio's sustainability team reach their goals of achieving Gold-standard on a Green Impact audit. I have no doubt that within the next year, bit.bio will be able to achieve gold and accelerate their green impact, setting examples for the best practice in the research industry!"

For next year’s initiative, the Green Impact team has already identified additional criteria that can be put in place to enable us to reach gold. 

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