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bit.bio CEO featured by excedr on exclusive 4-part podcast series

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bit.bio CEO Dr Mark Kotter was interviewed by Jon Chee on the Biotech Startups Podcast. Dive into the world of human synthetic biology and entrepreneurship with this exclusive podcast series featuring Mark Kotter, neurosurgeon, stem cell biologist, and CEO & founder of bit.bio.  
Episode Highlights:

Episode 1: From Curious Child to Stem Cell Pioneer

- Mark's early years in Canada and exposure to diverse cultures.
- Overcoming dyslexia and fostering a passion for science and mathematics.
- Transitioning from medicine to synthetic biology during his PhD at Cambridge.

Episode 2: Academic to Entrepreneurial Trailblazer

- Mark's tenure at the Medical University of Vienna and the Max Planck Institute.
- Balancing clinical practice with groundbreaking research at Cambridge.
- Shifting from academia to founding his first biotech startup.

Episode 3: Gene Expression and the Founder’s Journey

- Discoveries in gene expression and bit.bio’s innovative technology.
- Key lessons for aspiring founders on building a successful biotech company.
- The advantages of founder-led companies and maintaining a mission-driven focus.

Episode 4: Democratising Human Cells and Future Visions

- bit.bio's mission to make human cells accessible for all and have a meaningful impact on improving healthcare.
- Overcoming early funding challenges and strategic company growth.
- Vision for taking bit.bio public and plans for the company.



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