Introducing ioSkeletal Myocytes | Developing the next generation of human muscle cells

Dr Will Bernard, Director of Cell Type Development



Our Director of Cell Type Development, Dr Will Bernard, talks about all things muscle!

Hear his perspective on how our next-generation cell reprogramming technology, opti-oxTM is overcoming the limitations of current methods used to generate iPSC-derived muscle cells.

In the video, Bernard explains that for the creation of ioSkeletal Myocytes opti-ox technology precisely reprogrammes entire cultures of stem cells into iPSC-derived skeletal myocytes consistently on a vast scale. As a result we achieve mature, reliable muscle cells at scale within days versus weeks. By Day 10 in culture, ioSkeletal Myocytes mature into striated, multinucleated myocytes that contract in response to acetylcholine.

This is a huge benefit for our users, enabling experiments to be carried out in rapid time and on a large scale whether it be for high content imaging or large scale drug screens.

Find out more about the characterisation of our ioSkeletal Myocytes here.