Research in Motion with ioSkeletal Myocytes

Dr Will Bernard, Senior Scientist, bit.bio
Dr Luke Flatt, Senior Scientist, Charles River


Introducing human iPSC derived muscle cells for research and drug discovery

Introducing human iPSC-derived muscle cells for research and drug discovery.

This webinar discusses how bit.bio’s iPSC-derived ioSkeletal Myocytes can facilitate HTS workflows and accelerate research into muscle and metabolic disease and showcases: 


  • How highly-defined and characterised muscle cells can provide physiological relevance earlier in your research and drug development pipeline.
  • The potential of ioSkeletal Myocytes as a relevant translational model for research of muscle, neuromuscular and associated metabolic disorders.
  • How human induced skeletal myocytes have been generated by opti-ox™ cellular reprogramming to offer consistency at scale, easy culture and rapid maturity.

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