CRISPR and the Art of Perturbation Screening: Unbiased functional genomic screening meets the best human cellular models

Kam Dhaliwal, SVP Strategic Alliances, talk at ELRIG CRISPR in Drug Discovery talk at ELRIG CRISPR in drug discovery: CRISPR perturbation screening

CRISPR/Cas9-based functional genomics have transformed our ability to elucidate mammalian cell biology. However, most previous CRISPR-based screens were conducted in cancer cell lines rather than in healthy, differentiated cells.

Listen to our talk where we present a CRISPR perturbation screening platform developed in partnership with and Aelian Biotechnology to query biology within the context of industry-defining human iPSC derived cellular models.

It is anticipated that the platform will be able to unlock drug targets that are relevant for human disease. Creating and utilising physiological relevant, pure and consistent human cell types, with matched disease models, will facilitate the discovery and validation of novel drug targets and elucidate the mechanism of action of drugs.

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