High Content Analysis of 2D and 3D cellular models for target and phenotypic drug discovery

Lachize, et al
Courtesy of Charles River


High Content Analysis

Charles River Laboratories (CRL) has developed many disease-relevant cellular models to screen small molecules and genetic modifiers for target and phenotypic based drug discovery. Our expertise and portfolio in bespoke cellular model development covers several therapeutic areas (e.g. inflammation, oncology, neurodegeneration and rare diseases) and a wide variety of target classes.

Complex cellular models derived from primary cells, patient derived embryonic stem cells and induced pluripotent stem cells have been adapted for phenotypic screening. Models have been further developed to produce physiologically relevant multicellular structures, such as 3D liver spheroids and neuronal co-cultures. Such validated High Content (HC) assays can be applied to both target and phenotypic based discovery platforms to support preclinical drug discovery and improve translation of targets and compounds to the clinic.

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