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SynBio: the opportunity for UK Life Sciences

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bit.bio CEO Dr Mark Kotter was featured in the latest BioIndustry Association Blog. The blog is focusing on importance of Synthetic biology (SynBio) as part of the UK Life Sciences vision. The SynBio concept is now moving into new more complex area SynBio2.0 to program mammalian, including human cells.

With the right regulatory frameworks and financial support the UK is well-positioned to take a leading, even preeminent, role in SynBio v2.0, particularly in the development of cell therapies and resulting new era of healthcare.

Mark addresses the importance of ability to potentially manufacture every human cell at scale and to eventually understand the operating system that governs human cells: LifeOS.

Read the full article here.

“The new era for synthetic biology, allowing an industrial supply of human cells, will provide a great dividend for healthcare, tackling some of the most challenging medical questions, and providing an economic benefit through the development of new industry and the improvement of individual lives. The next ten years will be crucial to succeeding here, and government and industry will want to ensure every opportunity was taken to deliver success for the UK as a science (and SynBio) superpower."




Mark Kotter
CEO bit.bio
BIA 2022


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