Article | Scalable, reproducible platform for reprogrammed human cells

May 27, 2022 | Featured in Nature Research Custom Media

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CAMBRIDGE, Sunday 27 May 2022 — featured in Nature Research Custom Media

In this feature article and Charles River Laboratories discuss how reprogrammable human cells hold great promise in disease modelling and drug discovery.’s precision reprogramming technology offers a new platform for the generation of scalable and reliable human iPSC-derived cells called ioCells that enable accelerated biomedical research for the development of new generations of cures.

Talking about the potential of ioCells in drug discovery assays Mariangela Iovino, group leader of small molecule drug discovery at Charles River Laboratories said “These cell lines are a major advantage for my work because I have hundreds or thousands of drugs that I want to apply to as many cells as I can”. “You know what you are getting all the time, and it’s faster,” she says. “Before, it took me five weeks to get mature cells. Now, it only takes one to two weeks.”

The partnership between and Charles River Laboratories, a contract research organisation for the biomedical research and drug development communities, offers access to ioCells through their use in target discovery, high-throughput screening (HTS) and drug discovery services.

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“We achieved virtually 100% purity within days, which was 10 times faster than anything seen before.”
Mark Kotter

Founder and CEO, NCRM May 2022