Podcast | Founder/CEO Dr Mark Kotter speaking on The Genetics Podcast

September 22, 2022 | Featured on The Genetics Podcast

The genetics podcast


CAMBRIDGE, Thursday 1 September 2022 — bit.bio Founder and CEO Dr Mark Kotter was a speaker on The Genetics Podcast with Dr Patrick Short. On the podcast, they discuss scientific breakthroughs in the field of reprogramming biology, and cover how bit.bio's opti-ox technology enables the precise reprogramming of entire cultures of stem cells into any cell type on a vast scale.

They address how today's cell therapies show huge promise in treating blood cancers, but are entirely bespoke when it comes to manufacturing, and are therefore very expensive. Even when cells are successfully produced, in many cases scalability remains a major hurdle to be overcome. They also touch on the differences in approaches like autologous therapy - where a patient's own cells are used - or an allogeneic therapy - where donor cells are used, and how the supply of cells for these therapies is finite and variable in quality and properties.




“What we wanted to do is we wanted to be in a position where the company can create any cell type from scratch.”
Mark Kotter

Founder and CEO bit.bio, The Genetics Podcast 2022