Article | This Startup Is Making — and Programming — Human Cells

December 20, 2021 | Featured on Wired



CAMBRIDGE, Monday 20 December 2021 — was featured in Wired after an interview with CEO Mark Kotter and CMO Ramy Ibrahim. They cover our opti-ox™ technology which has the ability to manufacture cells consistently at scale. The piece also explains how cell reprogramming could help develop whole new kinds of treatment such as cell therapy.

“Every cell type has its own little program, or postcode—a combination of transcription factors that defines it.  By inserting the right program into a stem cell, researchers can activate genes that code for these transcription factors and turn a stem cell into a specific type of mature cell.
Mark Kotter

CEO, Wired 2021


CMO Ramy Ibrahim says that the’s technology could help drive down the cost of cell therapy and make it easier to manufacture immune cells at a large scale.


“Having abundant numbers of the right cell types that we can now make edits to, I think will be transformational.
Ramy Ibrahim 

CMO, Wired 2021


Read the article written by Matt Reynolds here.