Article | Q&A with Dr Mark Kotter:Transforming drug discovery & medical research

April 6, 2021 | Featured on IBI

IBI - cells transforming Drug Discovery and Medicine Research



CAMBRIDGE Tuesday 6 April 2021 — CEO and founder Dr Mark Kotter explains breakthrough technology opti-ox™ in this Q&A in the current edition of International Biopharmaceutical Industry Journal. develops capabilities to produce every human cell type at scale. We believe this will transform the biotech and medicine research landscape and enable a new generation of cell therapies. Synthetic biology for us is essentially the transition of biology as we know it to engineering and that’s the approach we are taking to cells.
Mark Kotter

CEO and founder,



Dr Kotter also explains how this will help in drug discovery and development. High-throughput screening has long been seen as an effective way of identifying new potential drugs but, until now, it has lacked biologically relevant, reliable and consistent models. The reason being, animal models do not necessarily accurately represent human characteristics and are not as effective as human cell models for investigating the effect of drugs for human disease. cells address this demand. These cells are physiologically relevant and phenotypically characterised, and for the first time, available at scale, offering predictive in vitro cells for drug screening.


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