News | The technology behind Meatable's cultured meat sausage is’s opti-ox CEO Mark Kotter (right) with Daan Luining, CTO Meatable, at the October Fest

Today sister company Meatable unveiled their first product - a pork sausage made from cultured meat. The technology that made this possible is opit-ox, discovered in founder and CEO Mark Kotter’s lab. Mark is also a co-founder of Meatable together with Daan Luining, and Krijn De Nood CTO, and CEO of Meatable. 

Welcoming the unveiling of  the company’s first cultured meat sausage product Mark said: 

“The milestone announced by Meatable today is significant. It demonstrates the scalability of our technology and enables Meatable to produce enough pork fat and muscle cells to create delicious sausages that are real meat but require zero animal slaughter. This is great news for our planet. 

“It’s also great news for the science community as it’s another example of how we can harness the power of biology to build a more sustainable future.

“And it’s good news for, the fact that opti-ox technology can be used to create sufficient quantities of porcine cells for cultured meat demonstrates that the same technology will be able to unblock the major bottleneck for therapy - access to a reliable, scalable, consistent supply of cells.”

Read more about the founding of both Meatable and from Mark’s perspective in this blog post.