Article | Lab space shortage threatens life science boom in Oxford & Cambridge

August 1, 2022 | Featured on Financial Times 

bit.bio_Outside_May22_Pic0001-1200x755px (1) Founder and CEO Dr Mark Kotter was featured this week in the Financial Times, reflecting on increasing concerns about the UK's ability to capitalise on a surge of interest in its life science sector, thanks to shortages and available laboratory spaces for rent within science clusters in Oxford and Cambridge. 

Data collected by Bidwells, a property consultancy focused on the Oxbridge knowledge economy, showed availability was close to zero in June in both cities after demand surged by almost a quarter in the first half of this year. Many companies are being forced to lease offices in other commercial space, before refitting them as laboratories. 

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“The UK is extremely good at spinning out small start-ups, but not very good at building big companies. Most leave and are sold, and part of the reason for that is infrastructure that is not being provided for these companies.”
Mark Kotter

Founder and CEO, Financial Times 2022