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May 22, 2022 | Featured in the Sunday Telegraph 

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CAMBRIDGE, Sunday 22 May 2022 — was featured in an article in The Sunday Telegraph by science editor Sarah Knapton.

The piece, titled "Company cracks code to grow human cells for a new era of regenerative medicine" covers our approach to biology as software, the potential applications of unlimited human cells at commercial scale for research, drug discovery and cell therapy and also our new Huntington's disease model.

She also covered how we are working with the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences to uncover the codes for every single human cell. 

Access the full article here.

Note there is a paywall to access the full article. 


“This is essentially treating biology as if it was software. We can switch on the programme from the inside and all cells in the culture turn into what we want.”
Mark Kotter

Founder and CEO, The Sunday Telegraph May 2022