Article | CEO discusses opti-ox™ technology and on BBC Click

Bit Bio CEO Discusses Opti Ox Technology And The Work Of Bit Bio On BBC Click CEO Mark Kotter


On Saturday 6 February 2021, was featured on the BBC’s technology programme, BBC Click. Both CEO Mark Kotter and Principal Scientist Tuzer Kalkan were featured. See a short clip of Mark Kotter below or watch the full feature here, (available in the UK).


CEO Mark Kotter gave an overview of what does and showed the team around one of the molecular biology labs where essentially engineers cells.

“We are taking a slightly different angle with biology – you can look at biology a little bit like a software, which means there is a possibility to reprogram or reboot the cell with a new program. Our tech allows us to do this really efficiently. And that’s opened a new way of thinking about manufacturing and precision engineering cells.”
Mark Kotter

CEO, BBC Click February 2021


Principal scientist Tuzer Kalkan explains exactly how cells are created and sent to customers from

Tuzer Kalkan principle scientist, featured on BBC Click 2021
“We keep the cells in incubators here. As all cells grown outside the body need certain levels of oxygen, carbon dioxide and certain temperature. Once we make the desired cell type, we can freeze them in small test tubes and send them to the customer in a frozen format. The golden standard in the field is to use primary cells which are isolated from human organs, but as you can imagine, the difficulty there is that the donors are very scarce so it’s very difficult to get these primary cell types. aims to bring a new gold standard to the field. We can create mature cell types that behave like primary human cells that you would find in the body.”
Tuzer Kalkan

Principal Scientist, BBC Click February 2021


The segment with is from 5 minutes into the show. The full show is here: