Article | Meet the company reprogramming the future of synthetic biology

April 14, 2021 | Published on Forbes

Florian-Schuster-Rick-Klausner-Mark-Kotter-Forbes-Apr2021-v3 Co-founder and CFO Florian Schuster, investor and Lyell founder, Rick Klausner, and founder and CEO Mark Kotter


John Cumbers, founder and CEO of SynBioBeta, published a piece in Forbes after a conversation with Dr Rick Klausner – investor, founder and Executive Chairman of Lyell Immunopharma – and Dr Mark Kotter, founder and CEO.

The piece covers how Rick and Mark first met and how is reimagining what is possible with the engineering of mammalian cells – industrial-scale cell manufacturing and bringing sustainable cell-culture meats to consumers via Meatable.

Mark showed up at Lyell and started showing me his beautiful data. I walked out and told my assistant to cancel the morning. It only took four hours for us to decide to write him a check.
Dr Rick Klausner investor, founder and Executive Chairman of Lyell Immunopharma

By converting current cell therapies, which at the moment cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, to a model of biologics or perhaps even a small molecule in the future, cell therapies could become common and widespread.
Mark Kotter

CEO and founder,


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