Article | Can We Recreate Every Human Cell Type In The Body? This UK Startup Thinks So, a UK synthetic biology startup

Bit Bio, a UK synthetic biology startup backed by Silicon Valley investors, has partnered with the London Institute for Mathematical Sciences, marking a milestone in the fusion of biology and mathematics for coding human cells.


There’s a fundamental difference between Bit Bio and most other biotechnology startups. If you just need something to work once, you can find what you need with massive amounts of screening and testing — think drug development, or finding a single bacterial cell with the desired qualities.

But, when we make the leap and turn biology into an engineering discipline we can predict, reproduce, and scale, things fall apart. Our understanding of life is too weak.


Cellular reprogramming

That’s the fundamental challenge Bit Bio, a UK-based startup, is taking on through a commercial partnership with a non-profit research institution, the London Institute of Mathematical Sciences (LIMS).

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