Article | cell revolution looks to transform dementia treatments & grow organs

May 20, 2021 | Featured on Daily Express



CAMBRIDGE, Thursday May 20 is featured in the Daily Express in a piece on how cell revolution looks to transform dementia treatments and grow organs to order. It features Founder and CEO Dr Mark Kotter sharing how scales up its engineered human cells production and looks ahead to printing muscles and repairing and growing organs from scratch.

We are on a moonshot mission to facilitate things that are affordable for everyone that were previously in the realm of science fiction. Ultimately our technology will help decode the operating system of life.
Mark Kotter

CEO, Daily Express 2021

Speaking on investments wants to see a bolder, long term investment mindset away from quick wins, and is excited to see the breakthrough of the £375 million UK scheme launching this summer that encourages UK venture capital to co-invest with government in high-growth, innovative firms to transform industries.


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