CEO View | Why did I start a healthcare and cultured meat company?

April 26, 2021 | Featured on Medium


Daan Luining and Mark Kotter at the October Fest


CAMBRIDGE, Monday 26 April 2021 — On Monday 26 April 2021, CEO and founder Dr Mark Kotter published a blog on why he started a healthcare and cultured meat company.

At first glance – whose mission is ‘coding cells for health’ reprogramming them into any cell in the human body for use as cell therapies and research tools for drug discovery – and Meatable seem an unlikely match, when you look a little deeper it makes perfect sense. The answer lies in two places – technology and sustainability.

Both and Meatable are based on synthetic biology and opti-ox™ technology which has solved one of the major bottlenecks in the field – the ability to manufacture cells consistently, at scale.

To address the more complex problems in healthcare and food we needed to extend the repertoire of synbio to the manufacture of mammalian cells. However, these are notoriously difficult to control. Here is where opti-ox™ comes in: it provides precise control of gene activity in mammalian cells which solves the issue of the manufacturing bottleneck.
Mark Kotter

CEO, Medium 2021


Read Mark’s full blog here.